Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Anthogs pronounced?


What is an Anthogs Character?

Our son created the name based on the characters being half Ant and half Hedgehog.

How do we contact someone from Anthogs Productions?

If anyone needs to contact someone at Anthogs Productions, we are receiving all communications through email only

What does your company do?

Our son (who has Autism) and I are the Co-founders of Anthogs Productions - (Pronounced Ant-Hogs). We created a professional business forum that gives everyone an equal opportunity (Regardless of Race, Disability, Age, Gender, Color, Religion,Sex Orientation, etc.) to showcase their talents in different Art Genres and to share their passion and bring Happiness to the World. While using our platform to get recognized, it also gives an opportunity to fulfill career dreams and aspirations. We also sell Apparel and More with our Anthogs Logo and Animation for Education and Entertainment (Coming Soon!).

Is Anthogs Productions non-profit?

No, we are a for profit company. However, we do accept donations, but all donations are not tax deductible

What is the best way to donate to Anthogs Productions?

Use the Support Only $25 Membership Per Person option (Anonymous one-time only or purchase as many times as you like) ; Share our story with your personal and professional social network ; Any cash donations are accepted and appreciated but are not tax deductible.

Does Anthogs Productions also sell Internationally?

No not currently, we only accept Memberships and Sell Exhibits to the 50 United States (including Washington DC).

Who is responsible if I catch someone reselling my Art Genres/Handicrafts/ebook/book items?

*Highly Recommended: Consider registering and Copyright your work with the U.S Copyright Office. You (the Author/Creator) are responsible for policing and holding those accountable who have Copied, Sold, or otherwise used without your express permission. We also Highly Recommend Registering your eBook/Book through the U.S. Copyright Office. "Although a completed e-book/book is automatically copyright-protected, copyright registration and storage of the e-book/book with the U.S. Copyright Office provides the verification required for legal actions and qualifies the copyright owners for damages and legal fees." Anthogs Productions is not responsible.

*Physical/Digital artwork sold on our Anthogs Productions website is not a transfer of copyright agreement between copyright owner and buyer. For additional information, please go to U.S. Copyright Chapter 2 - Circular 92 | U.S. Copyright Office

What are the different Membership Options?

$25 Membership Options Per Person. 1. Membership Support Only (Anonymous one-time only or purchase as many times as you like) 2. Annual Showcase/Sell Art Genres/Handicrafts/Book/eBook Unlimited Amount of Exhibits but only have up to 3 at a time. So if you sell 3 Exhibits, download another 3. 

Who is responsible for setting the price for my Exhibits to sell?

You the Member/Seller are responsible. Be sure to include your shipping price as well.

How do I (Member/Seller) set the price for my Exhibit/s?

Use the following price formula as guidance only when setting your price: (Time+Material+ProfitMargin+Shipping = X) For Example: $15hr+$2+50%+$6=$32 (Round off to the nearest dollar). $20 minimum for all Physical Art Genres and HandiCraft Exhibits. Don’t devalue your work, so please only use this price formula as guidance.

Who is responsible for Shipping to the Buyer?

You the Member/Seller are 100% responsible for Paying for Shipping and Shipping to the Buyer. We highly recommend inserting your shipping cost in the price you set for your Exhibits.

How do I (Member/Seller) set the price for my Book/eBook?

We recommend you researching other books in your format and genre to get an average price they are setting. At minimum, please ensure your eBOOK format is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS Download

If I sell an Exhibit for let’s say $100, do I get all $100?

Using this scenario as an example, No, you don’t get the full $100. There are payment processing fees, so after those fees, you get 90% of the amount remaining and Anthogs receives 10% (Admin Fee). Rough estimate example: $100 - $3.50 Payment Processing Fees (3.5%) = $96.50. 90% to Seller = $86.85 10% to Anthogs Admin Fee = $9.65

How soon do I have to Ship to the Buyer so Funds are released to me?

You will have 3 Business Days to Ship to the Buyer from the initial transaction. Once the Exhibit is delivered to the Buyer, the funds will be released to the Member/Seller (After Payment Processing Fees, 90% of what’s left will go to the Member/Seller and 10% will go to Anthogs (Admin Fee)).

How much does it cost to be a Member?

$25 per person. You will have 2 Membership Options. 1. Become a Member to provide us your Support only (Anonymous one-time only or purchase as many times as you like). 2. Or Showcase/Sell an unlimited amount of Exhibits, up to 3 Exhibits at any given time up to 1 year Membership.

What is Anthogs Productions Return/Refund Policy?

All Anthogs Productions Memberships are nonrefundable ; All Digital Exhibit products (including eBooks) are nonreturnable and nonrefundable ; Physical Exhibit products have a 7 day return policy upon delivery. It is highly encouraged that all Physical Exhibits shipped have shipping insurance especially over $500, so if the Exhibit was damaged by the Carrier, all parties should be resolved. Refunds will be immediately provided to the Buyer within 5 business days after receipt of the merchandise.

It is also highly encouraged that all Physical Exhibits shipped have a Return Shipping Label included in case the Buyer is not satisfied. The Member/Seller is responsible for paying for return shipping.

What is Art Genres?

Different Genres of Art from Poetry, Modern Art, Pop Art, Contemporary Art, Literature, Music, Film, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramic Art, Clay Art, Graphic Art, Unique, etc.

What is HandiCrafts/Handicraft?

A particular skill of making decorative objects by hand. A handicraft, sometimes more precisely expressed as artisanal handicraft or handmade, is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by one’s hand or by using only simple, non-automated related tools like scissors, carving implements, or hooks.

Will Anthogs Productions Sellers need to fill out a 1099-K Tax Form and report to the IRS?

Yes, however consult with your tax professional first. If you meet your State-Specific Requirements State Information - Track1099 as well as the Federal IRS Requirements Understanding Your Form 1099-K | Internal Revenue Service ( during the calendar year (Based on unadjusted gross sales). Anthogs Productions including U.S. third party settlement organizations and payment processors are required to submit the 1099K form to IRS and/or to your state authority. During Membership signup, you will have the option to request a digital 1099k copy versus receiving a paper copy via mail by 01/31. If you don’t receive your paper copy by 01/31, you can request a digital 1099k copy.

How do I connect to my Express Connect Account to get paid?

Login into your account.
Go to [MY ACCOUNT] and click on [Get Paid / Stored Payment Methods (Express Connect Account) / Payout Sales View].
Under Express Account click on CONNECT.
It will direct you to Stripe Express Connect.
Go through the prompts. If you don’t have a business name, just select “Individual” for Type of business.
For Professional details, select your industry that closely matches what you are selling.
*Most importantly, most members will not have their own website, so click on the blue hyperlink “add a product description instead” and enter your product description you are selling instead.
Follow the rest of the prompts to complete your connection.
Once completed and successfully connected, go back to My ACCOUNT / Get Paid / and under Express Account, the blue button should now say EXPRESS ACCOUNT DASHBOARD.