Beginner's Guides on Selling/showcasing with Us

Beginner's Guides on Selling/showcasing with Us

Beginners Guide to Selling/Showcasing With Us

Beginner's Guide on Selling/Showcasing With Us

Welcome to the Anthogs family and your interest in sharing your passion and Showcasing and/or even Selling your different Genres of Art or HandCrafts (Including eBooks/Books) online.

My son and I wanted to provide an Online Art/HandCraft Marketplace that is easy, fun, inspirational, and lucrative royalties to those Sellers/Members who decide to sell their Art/HandCrafts.

Just remember to have fun, be positive, stay passionate, be creative, dream big, believe, and help spread the happiness.

Once you Sign Up and become a Member ($25 Annual Membership), you will always be able to download up to 3 digital photos on what you would like to Showcase or Sell as Exhibits during your annual membership. You set the price (we’ve provided a pricing formula to use for guidance only because we don’t want to devalue your hard work but remember you are responsible for paying for Shipping and Handling to the Buyer and Shipping to the Buyer). We’ll also provide you with a place to enter your art genres/handcrafts dimensions (if applicable).

Once your Exhibits are downloaded and you see them on our Anthogs website (Congratulations by the way! ), have fun and help spread the word. In addition to our Anthogs network traffic, share where to find your Exhibits with your family and friends and your personal and professional social network and ask them to do the same and share with their personal and professional social network. It sometimes just takes one small pebble that will make a ripple effect across an entire lake, and you are that pebble that could help make it happen.

How to Photograph Your Artwork

Congratulations once again! We can’t wait for you to start sharing your talent. Thank you for being so creative and for opening up and sharing what’s so personal to you so that others could be inspired and motivated.

  • Use any type of camera that takes good digital photos for easy access to upload up to 3 Exhibits on your profile.
  • Wherever possible, be sure to use good lighting.
  • Know the dimensions of your Art/HandCraft and if possible, the weight. There will be a place to enter that information.
  • Best format to save your digital photo and upload is a JPEG file.
  • Upload your Artwork/HandCraft/eBook/Book and select if you will be Showcasing or Selling.
  • Select which Art Genres Category you will be Showcasing/Selling your Exhibit.
  • Give your Exhibit a Title.
  • If you are Selling your Exhibit, we have provided a price formula for guidance only (Hourly+Material+Profit Margin (50%)+Shipping and Handling). We don’t want to devalue your work, so please use as guidance only.
  • Select Learn More on additional step by step instructions.
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Packaging and Shipping

You (Member/Seller) and Anthogs Productions – will receive an email confirmation that a Buyer has made a purchase on one/two/three of your Exhibits listed on our website. The Buyers contact information and where to Ship To location will also be included.

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Packaging and Shipping


Anthogs Productions has partnered with Stripe for all Membership and Exhibit payment transactions. Currently all Anthogs Apparel payment transactions will be through Anthogs Productions partnering with Printful.

We chose Stripe for our payment processing transactions because of there history with being secure, low payment processing fees, robust and easy to use ecommerce payment platform, as well as other additional features our Members and Anthogs will benefit from.

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Managing Your Artwork

If you’re a lot like us, the administrative part isn’t the most fun and we would prefer to spend our time creating and doing
what we feel is our passion and sharing with others. Managing Your Artworks/Handcrafts may be daunting especially for
new time users, so we’ve provided some step-by-step instructions and examples to hopefully make it easier. We’ve also
included helpful sidebar links that correlate with Managing Your Artwork/Handcrafts.

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