Packaging and Shipping

Packaging and Shipping

Congratulations! You’ve Made A Sale, What’s Next?

  1. You (Member/Seller) and Anthogs Productions – will receive an email confirmation that a Buyer has made a purchase on one/two/three of your Exhibits listed on our website. The Buyers contact information and where to Ship To location will also be included.

  2. You (Member/Seller) will have 3 Business Days to pay for Packaging and Shipping and Ship To the Buyer once the purchase has been made from the Buyer. The 3 Business Days to Ship to the Buyer starts once the Sale has been made and/or a confirmation has been sent to You (Member/Seller) and/or Anthogs Productions – . So please be sure to check your Junkmail as well. Anthogs Productions and the Buyer are not responsible for missed or incorrect emails from the Member/Seller. It is both the Buyer and Member/Seller responsibility to provide a valid, accurate, and verified email address.

  3. Immediately reach out to the Buyer and that you have received the order confirmation and will be Shipping out the Exhibit purchased within the 3 Business Days. We’ve provided options for which Carrier you would like to use at discounted rates. If you need packaging for your Exhibit, please work with the Carrier on the correct packaging and price.

  4. *Important Note: You (Member/Seller) are solely responsible and ensure your Exhibit is packaged safe and securely and shipped within the 3 Business Days and are responsible for any potential damages. The Member/Seller provides a Return Label on all Physical Exhibit purchases, a required signature for delivery is also highly recommended. It is also highly recommended that all Physical Exhibits shipped have shipping insurance (especially if over $500), so if the Exhibit was lost or damaged by the Carrier, all parties should be resolved. The Member/Seller should insert the costs of the Return Label and Shipping Insurance in their Exhibit Sale Price. The (Member/Seller) is responsible for paying for any return shipping (Except for buyers' remorse or fraud or wrong shipping address given). All of these incurred additional cost should have been included in your Exhibit Price which we highly recommend. The Buyer is responsible for paying for return shipping if they have buyers' remorse.

  5. ***If the Exhibit is not Shipped out within 3 Business Days, the order will automatically cancel, and the Buyer refunded. The Member/Seller will be charged for the Stripe Payment Processing fees and any other expenses incurred. A cancelled order confirmation will be sent to all parties (Buyer, Seller/Member, and Anthogs Productions – ).

  6. Once You (Member/Seller) have shipped out your Exhibit to the Buyer (Within 3 Business Days of original purchase date), you will send both Buyer and an email with the tracking information.

  7. It is not required but a courtesy email is appreciated from the Buyer to the Member/Seller and to confirm receipt of the Exhibit delivery and any feedback they would like to share. If the Buyer would also like to share a photo of how the Exhibit is being displayed once in their possession, that would not only be great but also highly encouraged but not required.

  8. After 10 days from the original purchase date, funds held at Anthogs Productions from the Buyer will be released to the Member/Seller minus additional fees including payment processing fees and 10% admin fee to Anthogs Productions.

Certificate of Authenticity

When you're preparing your artwork for shipping, you must include a Certificate of Authenticity inside the package to be sent to the collector who has purchased the work.

You'll be provided with our template you're welcome to use. The template can be found along with your shipping documents located inside your Sales Dashboard. We've also included the template attached to the bottom of this article for you to download and save to your computer, if you wish.

Certificate of authenticity
Download document

Open Edition Print Sales

Easy breezy! Once you have sold an Open Edition Print, Saatchi Art will email you to inform you that you have made the sale. Next, sit back and relax! Anthogs Productions is busy printing and shipping it directly to your customer. You'll be emailed when it is time to request your payment. Please remain patient while your print sale is being fulfilled by our printers.